Hard drive destruction is a highly discussed subject among computer technicians. Hard drives need to be destroyed for a variety of different reasons. Some people believe that simply smashing a hard drive or submerging it in water will destroy it. Data can be recovered from a hard drive that is partially damaged.

Hard Drives Can Almost Always Be Partially Recovered

Simply deleting data does not destroy the data. The computer simply stores the data in another partition. That data is slowly written over as more files are deleted. You may be surprised to find that files you deleted several years ago can be recovered from a hard drive partition.

Physically breaking the hard drive does not usually work for the same reason. Pieces of the data may be recovered and reassembled. Submerging the hard drive in water also does not destroy it. A lot of people also think that the use of magnets will destroy a hard drive. This will damage a hard drive, but it will not completely erase the data.

The only way to be sure that your data is completely eliminated is to take it to a professional. Professional methods of destroying data are much more effective. You'll want to rest easily with the knowledge that nobody can get to your old data.

Hard Drive Destruction Services Are Simple and Effective

Businesses that specialize in hard drive destruction have special equipment. This equipment usually grinds the hard drive down to a point where absolutely no data can be recovered. These businesses will usually run the hard drive through specialized software that completely wipes the data. Anyone that tries to recover the data at this point will likely only find tiny fragments. The business will then use the aforementioned equipment to essentially grind the hard drive into little more than dust. The equipment that these businesses use is usually similar to the sort of crushing tools that construction businesses use.

Hardware destruction businesses often specialize in other hard drive services as well. They can copy a hard drive over to a new hard drive. They may seal the old hard drive in an electrostatic bag to preserve it. This way you'll know that you have a fresh copy of Windows that is completely free of any viruses. Sometimes they will provide the hard drive destruction service as an added bonus. Some of these businesses also do other forms of data shredding. It is very common for businesses that are liquidating or moving to require mass paper shredding. These document destruction and paper shredding services are usually the best option. This is because it can take many hours to shred thousands of pages of documents. You may find it useful to consult with Shred-it for additional information.