Without doubt, the public's demand for cloud storage solutions will continue to grow in the next few years. Professionals in many industries now appreciate the convenience and security that comes from patronizing the most prestigious cloud storage providers. In this era of rapid technological development, Canadian companies that remain open to innovation can more easily rise above their competitors.

If you want to remain commercially competitive, you'll follow and learn from the evolution of managed public cloud services and Azure cloud management. You can learn more about cloud solutions at Carbon60 Networks.

Spotlight On Security

Top cloud storage providers demonstrate professionalism by implementing the latest, most sophisticated security procedures. Arguably, no data centre management company can ever truly "deliver the goods" without demonstrating exacting attention to security standards. Each day, nefarious hackers do their best to compromise Canadian companies of every size and description.

Although North American police and private security contractors do their best, it is simply impossible to neutralize every threat. In the aftermath of any illegal server breach or theft of data, the authorities can often do little more than document the sordid event and hope for future breakthroughs. Even when the criminals responsible for hacks are caught and delivered to justice, hacked companies can experience irreparable damage to their reputations.

Microsoft: A Comfortingly Familiar Brand That Is Breaking New Ground

Increased awareness of security standards plays a huge role in the ongoing evolution of managed public cloud storage. Facing a burgeoning tide of computer crime, storage providers and clients are joining together to develop new methodologies of resistance. If you are wise, you'll remain totally determined to avoid the embarrassment and indignity that comes with a corporate data breach.

One way to minimize your hacking risk is to take advantage of Microsoft Azure. Data centres that use Microsoft's flagship cloud platform are generally known for stability. As explicated by IT experts, Microsoft Azure exemplifies the vat depth of Microsoft's interest in informational security. Azure management is one service that sets apart the very best cloud storage providers.

Automation Will Transform IT Solutions

It takes intelligence and foresight to see the importance of making adequate investment in managed IT services. Some self-appointed futurists have claimed that increasingly sophisticated automation will obviate the need for third-party, managed IT service. Advances in automation should certainly change the fundamental nature of data storage. However, this does not mean that managed IT packages will become obsolete. In light of the steady evolution of algorithmic tools and procedures, it is a safe bet that future IT managers will oversee increasingly large amounts of data.

Although Microsoft continues to play a large role in the evolution of integrated cloud services, there can be no doubt that open source technologies will continue to influence data centre management.