If you are a real estate agent and you’re wondering what the most effective ways to market your properties is, there are some things to consider when setting a budget. You want the marketing that you put efforts into to be worth the time and funds, and you want to get the results you need to be successful. Here are three of the most important things to do when you’re a real estate agent trying to have the best marketing strategies.

Direct Mail Marketing
When you are selling a property like a high end home, people will be lured in by pictures and prices. Inboxes can be crowded, and people may not open an email they know is from a Realtor or that has real estate information inside. When they get a postcard or directly mailed catalogue with all your listings or your premier properties, seeing the pictures in their hands is enough to get them interested and possibly to get them to walk through it.

Social Media
About 28 percent of the time that people spend online is on social media sites. If people scroll through their news feed and see a picture of a house they can see themselves living in, it’s going to draw interest. If they see there is an open house, or that they can easily contact the Realtor to go through the property through social media, this is convenient for the potential buyer. Realtor marketing strategies should include at least one social media post on all outlets per day to interact with clients and potential buyers.

Video Marketing
It’s projected that in 2017 almost 70 percent of Internet traffic will be videos, so taking videos of properties and local cities should be an important part of your real estate agent marketing plan. Post these videos on your website, on social media outlets, in email, and on local blogs if possible. People can feel like they are in the property, admiring the details and features, and you can add music or narration to the video clip.

If you are already working for a real estate agency that has professional photographers, get pictures taken of all your properties for your posts, and postcards, and find a professional videographer or a web video designer to get the videos compiled. You want people to see high quality work when they’re considering purchasing the high quality homes you have listed.