Document shredding services are the best way to keep your personal information found on documents private. There are many companies who specialize in document destruction services for businesses. Many companies are well aware of the need to protect their customer’s personal information. Consumers are also aware of the need to shred their documents to protect their identity. Follow a few tips to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Document Shredding Tips

Establish a routine for shredding your personal documents at home. Paper shredding services are showing up at banks and other organizations to give consumers the opportunity to shred large amounts of personal documents. The most important piece of information that is found on personal documents is your social security number.

If thieves steal this number, they can apply for credit cards in your name or open financial accounts where they gain access to your credit. Make sure you shred all mail from your financial institution including monthly statements and bills. Any piece of paper that has your signature on it should also be shredded.

How to Shred Documents at Home

Many home shredders are made with plastic gears and cannot handle large volumes of paper. Make sure you feed the shredder only a few documents at a time. Purchase a high-quality shredder if you keep getting frequent paper jams. Some people use a pair of scissors to cut out personal information on their documents. This method is time-consuming, and you will save time by purchasing a high-quality shredder for document destruction.

There are also residential mobile shredding services that will come to your home and pick up your boxes of paper to shred. It does not take long to acquire a large volume of paper that sits in boxes until you have time to deal with it. The main advantage to residential shredding services is the fact that they use an industrial shredder and will issue a Certificate of Destruction when finished.

You should also protect the sensitive data on old computers by calling an electronics destruction company. Many people simply throw their old computers away without thinking about the potential consequences. You can also take advantage of shredding services that allow you to drop off your boxes of paper. Look for mobile shredding events in your community that are held by charity organizations.

Protect yourself against crime by safeguarding your personal information. Many people are not aware that it is legal for others to search your garbage. This is the number one way that thieves get personal information that they use for their own benefit. The best way to protect yourself against fraud and other crimes is to purchase your own shredder or use professional services.