Starting or Expanding a Business,Your First Step for business information, programs and services is your local Enterprise Agency.

Your local agency is focused on helping small and medium sized businesses succeed.

It works by building on the strengths and successes in each community and taking them to a new level. For help with starting a new business or expanding an existing one, call your Enterprise Agency first.

Enterprise Agency Services

Each Enterprise Agency is unique. They deliver a variety of core programs and services. They also develop programs to meet the needs of their local area. Some of the programs and services local agencies provide include:

- Small business counseling and development

- Business plan development

- Information on all available financial assistance

- Information on markets, transportation, wage rates and taxes

- Export development and investment information

- Help locating suitable real estate to rent or purchase

- HR planning:staffing, training, subsidies....

For more information on other agencies offering services to businesses in New Brunswick visit our links page.