With the population of New Brunswick decreasing, the “greying” of our existing workforce and the increasing participation rate by New Brunswickers in the workforce, employers are beginning to feel the impact of the demographics. As the economy continues to grow, we will have less people available for work, when the demand for workers is increasing. Imagine not being able to fill customer orders because you don’t have enough people to work at your company. This is already happening in some sectors and regions and unfortunately the challenges for the labour market are just beginning.

One tool that can help SMEs weather the storm, while at the same time increasing their efficiency and productivity is effective hr planning. By knowing the skills that you need, both now and in the future, you can hire more effectively and grow current employees within your organization to meet future demand. But there’s more to hr planning than just recruiting. Are you paying your employees at the fair market rate? Are they properly trained? Do you have an effective performance management system in place? Is the work environment safe? Does everyone in your organization know who does what and why?

By proactively investing in your human resources, you will save both time and money in the long run. You will be able to decrease turnover, increase employee effectiveness, decrease the possibility of WHSCC claims, increase customer service, which all lead to greater profitability. For more information speak to a professional at Sales Talent Agency.