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There are 15 regional Enterprise Agencies in New Brunswick. For more information on local programs and services they offer, click your region on the map to visit your local agency.


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Enterprise agencies give communities more control over their own economic development, offering them direct input into decision-making, establishing goals and allocating resources. They are responsible for leading the development of strategic plans and, with their government partners, in monitoring and evaluating outcomes. The Enterprise Agency is controlled by a member Board of Directors, representative of the diverse business community of each region.

The Enterprise Network is supported by a number of federal, provincial and mul government agencies. They provide the framework, policy direction, support programs and funding for each of the 15 Enterprise agencies across New Brunswick.

Enterprise Agency has a Board of Directors made up of business people from the community that represent the diverse nature of the region in which it operates. The Board is accountable to the agency's financial stakeholders - ACOA, Province of New Brunswick and participating local municipalities.

An advisory forum has been established for each Enterprise Agency. The Enterprise Advisory Forum is the stakeholder group drawn from all parts of the community. Its task is to contribute to the development and implementation of a strategic plan for the region.

The Enterprise Network is designed to create prosperity in communities throughout the province through its network of 15 regional Enterprise agencies. By building stronger communities, the Enterprise Network is helping build a stronger New Brunswick.